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We are a husband and wife team - Michael and Jo - who got into fostering kittens a few years ago, and have become hooked.  We have eleven of our own cats, all of whom were adopted as rescues, and we are big believers in the value of adopting.  We have learned something new with almost every kitten we've cared for, and have only foster-failed once - our little girl, Lila.

We know that since we always have our phones on us, using them as a tool to track progress in these littles is the obvious next step.  We have searched the internet for an app that would allow us to do this, with no success.  And so, when COVID-19 quarantine happened, Jo decided it was the perfect time to make it happen.

And who's that in the picture to the left?  That's Delta, our very first bottle baby and the one who started it all for us.  She's now a strong, beautiful, opinionated and bossy 3 year old.

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